Requesting Transcripts

Most Common Application schools require a Counselor Letter of Recommendation, a Secondary School Report, our School Profile, along with an Official Transcript of your academic work through 11th grade.

Academic Transcript

The transcript is the most important item in your admissions file.  On it are your course grades from ninth, tenth, and eleventh grades. (Your first semester senior year grades are sent as soon as they are available and are very important as well).  Progress reports from the first quarter of the senior year are only sent if requested by a college or university.  Schools occasionally ask for this information for early action or early decision applicants.

School Profile

The Pine View School Profile 2021-22 includes summary information regarding Pine View’s curriculum, grading policy, statistical data regarding standardized test distribution and college entry, and a list of weighted course offerings.  College admissions officers use the School Profile to offer a context for a student's standing within opportunities provided in a school system.

Secondary School Report (Common Application)

The Secondary School Report form requests information about the student within the context of Pine View School.  Colleges and universities ask specifically about the rigor of the student’s curriculum as compared to other students at Pine View.

The Counselor Letter of Recommendation/Common Application Evaluation

An official school recommendation/evaluation is written by the College Resource Office and represents the collective support of the school community.  It is based on questionnaires and material we have solicited from you, personal contact, as well as reports from teachers, extracurricular advisers, coaches, and parents.

In order to for us to write a meaningful Letter of Recommendation you were asked to complete and submit the following surveys and materials through Naviance.  Continued edits and updates are welcome.

If we have not already met, it is important to schedule a student interview at least one month prior to your earliest application due date.  Please schedule either a Zoom or in-person appointment through the website (see Announcements on the website Homepage.   If you are only applying to Florida public colleges an interview is not mandatory.  I am also available via email or for “short appointments” (15 minutes) to follow up or answer your questions. These are 'booked' through as well.

Transcript Request Form

In order for materials to be sent to colleges you must complete a Transcript Request, more commonly known in our office as the "Green Sheet" (the downloadable form is white).  This form is available in the Counseling Office or online.   Directions, as follows:

  • List your colleges in order of application deadline (include deadline)
  • For each college, indicate the Decision Plan (Early Action/Early Decision/Regular)
  • Colleges listed on this transcript request form MUST match what is on your Naviance Colleges I’m Applying to page or transcripts will not be sent
  • Complete/sign the Transcript Request form.  Your signature/parent’s signature authorizes Pine View to release all requested records according to FERPA regulations

You must turn in the completed Transcript Request Form to our office no later than October 2nd for Early Admissions and/or December 4th for Regular Decision (final list due).   Requests made after this date must be discussed with guidance and will be honored on a limited basis.  Late requests may NOT receive priority or preferential support and delivery by January deadlines may not be met.  

The College Counseling Office will submit your materials electronically once you have applied (We are automatically prompted if you apply using the CommonApp).  If your colleges accept paper submissions only (red stamp icon in Naviance), we will mail your application materials, the Secondary School Report, letters of recommendation and transcripts together.  In this case it is critically important that you let us know that you have applied on Naviance.

Our commitment is to process all Pine View material by your university’s application deadline. To ensure timely delivery it is your responsibility to meet all deadlines.  This also applies to Teacher Recommendation requests.  Once again, please note specific dates below:

Application deadline Last day to submit Transcript Request and Materials to your Counselor
15-Oct 2-Oct
1-Nov 2-Oct
15-Nov 2-Oct
1-Dec 2-Oct
15-Dec 4-Dec
1-Jan 4-Dec (EDII 12/20)
15-Jan 20-Dec
1-Feb 20-Dec

Mid Year Reports and Transcripts

After fall semester grades are finalized most CommonApp colleges require a second transcript to verify your most recent courses and grades.  To request this transcript, you will be asked to complete the Mid-Year Transcript Request form distributed in class meetings.

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