Applying to Florida Public Universities


State University System of Florida

Information for applying to Florida public universities and colleges can be accessed through each campus admissions websiteThe State University System Matrix is a very helpful tool for comparing various State University campuses State University Matrix.

Below you will find helpful information and a variety of links for researching and applying to Colleges/Universities within the State of Florida. All students are advised to apply to two or more Florida public universities. Freshman applications for most Florida schools (AY 2024-25) open by mid-August.  Please use the Common Application to apply to Florida public universities in every case where it is accepted. 


Florida State University has two deadlines, the first of which is the Early Action Florida Resident deadline of October 15th, 2023The second FSU Regular Deadline requires submission of all materials by December 1, 2023.  The University of Florida has a single application deadline of November 1st, 2023.   You are strongly encouraged to apply by early deadlines as your chances for admission are significantly diminished if you wait. 

All other Florida public universities utilize various Rolling Admissions plans.  In every case, the earlier you apply the better.  Each also have priority scholarship deadlines.  This means that in order to be considered for full scholarship aid you must apply by a specific date.  Research and know these dates and deadlines for schools you are interested in attending by consulting the individual admissions websites.  Again, your chances of both being accepted and getting scholarships are greater if you apply early.

Applying to Florida Public Universities

Please use the Common Application whenever possible.  You may also apply through the specific university admissions website using their 'institutional application.'  If doing so please make sure that you add the college to your Naviance application list!

Student Self-Reported Academic Report (SSAR)

UF and FSU use what is known as Academic Self-Report (SSAR).  The University of Central Florida uses its own platform known as SPARK.  These are separate websites where you will be instructed to enter all high school and dual enrollment coursework and grades.  We will send a transcript home in August to assist in completing this report.  Once finished you must attach and upload this document to your application (instructions forthcoming).

Transcript Request and Naviance

You MUST complete a Transcript Request 2024 for all colleges (even if you are completing a self-reported transcript).  This will assure that we know where you are applying and where to send transcripts and Pine View school materials when they are requested.  

ALL Florida schools to which you are applying must appear in Naviance as well.  This allows us to support your application and cues us to send application materials.

Letters of Recommendation 

State University schools do not require (or accept!) letters of recommendation from either teachers or counselors.  While it is not necessary that we formally meet for this purpose, I ask that you please share your questionnaire, prompts and resume with me should a counselor recommendation be necessary for other purposes (honors colleges, dual degree programs, scholarships or various recognitions).

Florida State University FSU Freshman Admissions

University of Florida Freshman Admissions/UF Deadlines

Bright Futures

Information can be accessed through the State Scholarship and Grant Programs website.  The Bright Futures link describes current requirements and awards amounts.  Be sure to follow legislative updates and any changes to the current program.  All Pine View students will be sent instructions for signing up for Bright Futures starting in October 2023.