Standardized Testing

"At most institutions, standardized test scores count less than students think and more than colleges are willing to admit."  David Erdmann, Rollins College Dean of Admissions

PSAT, SAT, and ACT Testing 

SAT or ACT test scores are important and required by many colleges/universities as a part of the college admissions process.  This includes all in-state, public universities.  Colleges accept either the SAT and or ACT and claim no preference of one over the other

Many colleges/universities now review applications on a test-optional basis. This means you may have a choice to submit, or not, standardized test scores.  It is important to determine the requirements of each college to which you are applying and to decide what makes best sense for your application.

Test Preparation

It is important that you make a testing plan as well as a schedule for test preparation beginning in your Sophomore year.  We strongly encourage students to attempt both the SAT and ACT.  The summer before your junior year is an excellent time to prepare for both the PSAT and SAT or ACT tests, which are also administered monthly from September through June.  There are a variety of SAT and ACT test self-preparation resources available including books, software, and websites to help prepare.  Private test preparation courses vary in method from group class sessions, to individual tutoring sessions, or online tutorials.  They can also vary in price from free to well over $1,000.  Choose the course that is right for you and your family.

Some options available to Pine View students include:

Some options available to Pine View students include:

  • Tutoring services for ACT/SAT and SAT Subject Area examination - via Zoom
  • Khan Academy partners with the CollegeBoard producing free, online test prep tutorials for the SAT
  • The ACT now offers its own internal test preparation program that can be found at ACT Test Prep
  • Revolution Prep an online (fee-based), interactive tutoring service that and offers students free diagnostic ACT and SAT examinations

Fee Waivers

For some, the costs of taking standardized exams and applying to college can be a barrier to college admissions.  If you believe this is the case for you and your family you may be eligible for fee waivers through the CollegeBoard and ACT and/or subsidized test preparation through Revolution Prep.   Please come to guidance to inquire and apply.  To determine your eligibility for testing and application fee waivers you may consult the following websites.  CollegeBoard SAT and Application Fee Waivers and ACT Fee Waiver.