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NCAA schools participate in one of three divisions; I, II and III.  These divisions are based on size of school, level of athletic commitment and competition.  Athletes may be recruited by colleges but most often, the student initiates interest in an athletic program.  Talk to your coach about the possibility of playing at the college level and familiarize yourself with eligibility requirements and recruiting regulations at

To play for Division I or II schools, you must register with the NCAA.  So if you think you may be eligible to play sports in college at the Division I or Division II level, register online at the beginning of your junior year at the NCAA Eligibility Center.  To play for Division III schools, your application occurs directly with the school.

NCAA Eligibility Registration

The following is information you will need when you go online to register:

  • Go to the NCAA website and register.
  • Click on the words "Register to Become a Student Athlete".
  • Follow the instructions there to register and create your account.
  • Provide a valid email address to create an account to begin the registration process. Be sure your email address will be active even after you complete high school.
  • You must complete the Amateurism Certification Questionnaire to show you are not a “professional” athlete.
  • In the “About Me” section, you just need to pass along some quick facts about you. You may also need Pine View’s CEEB code (101577).
  • In the “My Coursework” section, enter the name and location of Pine View School.  If you have attended more than one school (including summer school) during grades 9, 10, 11, or 12, please have that information ready as well.
  • In the “My Sport” section, you will select the sport(s) you plan to participate in.  The Eligibility Center will also ask about the high school and/or club teams you have been a part of and events you have participated in during your high school career.
  • Your account will be eligible for processing only with payment of an application fee.
  • The Eligibility Center staff will use a combination of your SAT and/or ACT scores, and your GPA information to determine your eligibility to practice, play and get a scholarship at an NCAA Division I or II college or university. (When registering for the SAT and/or ACT, input the Eligibility Center Web site under Resources.
  • At the end of the registration process you will need to indicate that you wish to have your transcript released.  This is important!
  • The NCAA will provide Pine View with a list of those students registered at the end of the senior year, and we will send final transcripts electronically to the NCAA.
  • The answers to most questions can be found by accessing the Eligibility Center’s resource page on the Eligibility Center website or by consulting with your Counselor.


FAQs about the NCAA Eligibility Center

This link offers good information concerning athletic scholarships.

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