Pine View College Resource

College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won!"

Pine View School college guidance is a two-year process that begins in the fall of the junior year and culminates with senior graduation.  The essential goal is to find the college that best matches a student's individual needs, personal disposition, academic profile, talents, interests, and ambitions.

Our goal is to provide a highly personal, multi-faceted approach towards college admissions. In support of this we offer a variety of resources and opportunities for learning about college admissions which include this website, web tools available through Naviance/Family Connection, group meetings, individual conferences, informational evenings, and workshops. Through these various means we hope to provide clear and accurate information that allows students to take control of the process.

We provide the timelines, important information and tools that each student needs in order to ask the right questions, obtain answers, make intelligent decisions and grapple with dilemmas as he or she ultimately finds the college that is the best fit for him/her. Throughout the process, we share and collect information, encourage students to make personal choices, and advise both students and parents.  For those students who apply to private universities we write individualized counselor recommendations.  Once applications are completed and school materials are sent, we communicate with respective colleges and advocate for students as necessary and appropriate.  Finally we assure that that all schools to which our students apply are fully aware of Pine View School's rigorous curriculum requirements, the extent of our curricular and extracurricular offerings, and the strengths of each Pine View applicant.

In helping a student build a college list, we strive to be straightforward and honest and request the same from parents and students.  We encourage frank conversations between students and their parents about both their college lists and the affordability of their college choices.  It is our expectation that, given access to good information, college discussions and decisions should be based in what is practical and real.   To do otherwise is a disservice to our students and to the entire process.

Ultimately, students who are happiest about the college process and its outcomes are those who understand their abilities and needs best and who are, therefore, able to find schools that are the best fit.  They have researched their lists well, have asked tough questions, and, as a result, have found good matches, schools they can truly embrace. They listen to both their hearts and their heads; and let insight, not college rankings, guide them.


The Pine View College Counseling website has been adapted from a variety of sources to whom we owe both gratitude and attribution.  Information has been drawn from the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), of which Pine View School is a member,  The College Board,  the University and College Accountability Network (UCAN), the Department of Education (Federal Student Aid and The National Center for Educational Statistics), The Common Application, Florida Virtual School and other not for profit organizations.  Several secondary schools were consulted for ideas on structure and content.   One in particular, Fairview High School in Boulder CO, provided significant inspiration and content that has been both borrowed and adapted (it is worth noting that the Fairview site is student-conceived and student-run).  From Fairview we requested and were granted permission to use content under the Creative Commons, Lic. 3.0 , U.S.