College Rep Visits

Throughout the Fall regional admissions officers from across the country visit Pine View School, either virtually or in-person.  This is an outstanding opportunity for you to learn more about a campus in which you are interested, and in many cases meet the representative that will read your application.  These visits range in size from small, intimate conversations to assembly-sized presentations.

Due to the Covid-19 many college visits have continued to occur in a virtual setting.  A calendar of scheduled “visits” will appear on your Naviance Home Page.  In order to attend you must pre-register for the event.  A link to virtual meetings will be sent to you on the day of the 'visit' immediately prior to the start of the session.

If a scheduled college appears in either your "Colleges I'm Thinking About" or "Colleges I'm Applying To" list on Naviance, you will be automatically sent an invitation to attend.  Please make sure that your list in Naviance is updated.

We ask that you adhere to a set of basic guidelines prior to and while attending a visit:

  • These 'visits' are intended for students.  Parents are welcome to view alongside their child but should not be actively involved (asking questions or prompting, e.g.).  Please also note that these have been historically offered to Seniors only.  While Juniors are included this year, please allow Seniors to show interest and ask questions first.
  • Your interest in the institution should be genuine and intentional.  Remember that you must pre-register to attend these events.
  • Be engaged, well-informed and if given the opportunity, ask substantive questions.  This may require you to do research specific programs or various aspects of the university.
  • Be respectful and positive.  It is important that you and our community be perceived well.
  • Thank the representative and, if you remain interested, follow up with an email or thank you note.  Positive, demonstrated interest.


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