Naviance is a web-based software program used by Pine View Guidance/College Resource Office to manage the college application process.  It is a comprehensive tool that enables students to explore careers and colleges and become actively involved in the college planning process.   Through it we are also able to share important information with you about upcoming events, local scholarship opportunities, and other college-related information.

Beginning in the Spring of your Junior year, Naviance will become a critically important tool in the college application process as it is the platform from which ALL college application materials are assembled and electronically delivered to college and universities.

Accessing Naviance

Signing in to Naviance is automatic through your MySCS account.  Simply log in to MySCS and click on the Naviance tile. You will be automatically re-directed and logged into your account.

On your first visit you should explore the site.  You will see subject tabs across the top used to navigate to specific areas with dropdowns:  Home, Self-Discovery, Careers, Colleges, and Planner.  In the Spring of your Junior year you will be asked to update your college profile, complete college interest surveys and questionnaires, and build/upload a resume.

As a Senior Naviance Student will be a critical tool in the application process as it is the platform from which transcripts and letters of recommendation are requested and sent.  You will receive further instructions for leveraging and using Naviance at the beginning of your Senior year.

FAQs about Naviance Student

What are some ways to use Naviance Student in the College Search Process?

  • Under Self Discovery view various assessment tools and personal interest inventories to see how your personality is connected to potential majors and career clusters.
  • Under Colleges navigate to Find Your Fit and Research Colleges using the various tools to find colleges based on your interests and preferences (SuperMatch!).
  • Select College Compare to research and compare schools on various criteria.
  • View Acceptance History to determine how your GPA and test scores compare to other Pine View students who applied to the colleges you’re researching.
  • Add Universities/Colleges you are interested in to Colleges I’m Thinking About.  This is a working list that can be edited at any time, and will allow us to support you in your search.
  • The College Resources tab is helpful and includes sites with information on everything from ACT/SAT to NCAA eligibility, from the Common Application to financial aid.