Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement (AP) is a program created by the College Board that offers college-level curricula and course examinations to high school students.  In many cases American colleges and universities award placement and course credit to students who obtain high scores on the examinations (policies differ by college).  Pine View School currently offers thirty-four Advanced Placement courses.

*Please refer to the College Board/AP website for updated information on Advanced Placement course administration and credit.  You may also visit college admissions websites for school-specific policies*

FAQs About Advanced Placement

Who should consider taking AP exams?   

Qualified and motivated students with genuine interest in the subject matter should take full advantage of the variety of Advanced Placement courses offered at Pine View School.  Colleges wish to see a challenging academic program within a high school's academic context (that is, what is offered).  That said, students should be careful to neither overload themselves nor lose focus on their areas of true academic and intellectual interest.

Why are AP courses/exams useful and important?

  • AP coursework provides evidence that students have sought academic challenge offered by their high school, the most important criterion in admissions to selective colleges.
  • High AP scores can offer substantial college credit, particularly at in-state public universities. The amount of credit awarded varies by college.  Consult specific college websites for details.
  • AP examinations are low risk.   There is no requirement to report AP exam scores and in most cases are not used in admissions decisions
  • Students who take AP exams with a qualifying grade may have the option to skip introductory coursework in college.  This may allow students to complete a four-year program early, study abroad, pursue higher-level coursework, or even a double major, if so desired.
  • In some cases, students obtain a higher priority for college course registration.  At some colleges, high exam scores can classify an incoming freshman as a junior or sophomore, giving a student higher priority with class registration. This can be especially helpful at large universities, where classes can fill quickly before freshmen get a chance to register.

Do AP courses/exams matter in the College Application Process?

Yes and No.  AP courses demonstrate that you have challenged yourself by taking the most rigorous coursework while at Pine View School.    While you may reference your scores on your college application, as a rule scores are not sent to colleges when applying.  Scores are only reported once a student is admitted for the purposes of receiving college credit or to assist in placement.

For more information go to the College Board website ExploreAP.

An updated list of colleges that offer credit for successful completion of Advanced Placement (AP) examinations can be found at AP Credit Policy Search.

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