SAT Subject Tests

SAT Subject Tests are a series of one-hour exams designed to evaluate knowledge in particular content areas.  There are 20 Subject Tests across five general subject areas: history, mathematics, science, English and foreign languages.  The Subject Tests that you take should be based on your interests and academic strengths.  Most selective colleges require two subject tests.  Please refer to the individual colleges for specific testing information.

These tests are administered several times a year, usually on the same date and time regular SAT tests are given. You can take up to three tests on the same date.  Note that not all subject tests are administered on each test date.  For a list of subject tests administered by College Board and to see topics covered in each test, click here

Colleges may require or simply recommend SAT Subject Tests - check the websites of colleges you are considering.  However, if you are applying to selective colleges it is wise to take these tests even if they are only recommended.  It is best to take these exams immediately after a course in the subject has been completed.  For example, because the Math Level 2 exam contains no Calculus, it should be taken as soon after Pre-Calculus as possible.

Note that the SAT Subject Tests are relatively low-risk tests as they are only one hour in duration and the cost is considerably less than AP or IB exams. Most colleges allow you to use the College Board Score Choice feature with Subject Tests, so you can choose to retake and send your best score, or not send the score at all.  SAT Subject Test Dates
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   Check or Send your SAT Subject Scores

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